(Summer 2012)
PANZER DIGEST "PRINT & PLAY" SPECIAL (Summer 2012; reprinted 2013) is a special issue of the magazine.  This 64-page edition is dedicated to small games that can be taken on the road and played, when it's not practical to play regularly.  This issue contains the rules to five different games, along with their components, which are included among its pages, along with instructions on how to play the games "on paper" when in tight space--for instance, when using a tray table when flying cross-country.  As long as you have a standard deck of cards handy, a pair of dice, some paper and a pencil, you're in business.

The five games include three that are solitaire designs, and cover a variety of eras and game systems.  The games are SWORDFISH AT TARANTO (solitaire WW2 air/naval, covering the daring British raid in November, 1942); POOR BLOODY INFANTRY (solitaire WW1, simulating a single British platoon going "over the top" at the Somme, July 1, 1916); FALL OF ROHM (solitaire abstract political game, set in Germany, 1934): MONITOR VS MERRIMACK (2-player intro level game covering the fight between the two ironclads at Hampton Roads in 1862); and DREADNOUGHTS & BATTLECRUISERS INTRO RULES (2-player WW1 naval miniatures game).

(To repeat, this issue contains the rules to the games, but not separate components.  The maps and counters are reproduced in the pages of the magazine in black & white, and you will need to copy and assemble them before play.)

The idea behind this Special Issue is to focus on small games, with a limited number of components, that may be played--and enjoyed--on paper.  If you find yourself at a motel at the end of a business trip and have some time to kill, this is the sort of issue that could come in handy.  Or if you are away at the cabin, and can't take much in the way of wargames with you.  This edition presents five complete games, in one handy (albeit unusual) format.  Give it a try, you might find it a valuable addition to your wargaming arsenal.  PANZER DIGEST "PRINT & PLAY" SPECIAL:  by wargamers, for wargamers.